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The 7th Seal is a tactical, turn-based, play-to-earn*, strategy game that you enjoy on your own or with friends as you embark on an epic struggle to claim the empty throne.


Years ago, after the passing of his beloved Heir, he bestowed six seals to the noble houses. The 7th seal is held in trust by the king's Steward.

Your claim to the throne is as strong, if not more so, than that of the other nobles. To claim it, you must gather the six seals under one banner by any means necessary. Only then will the Steward award the 7th.

The fate of the realm is at stake. Claim the throne... or bend the knee!


Claim the crown by developing your lands, increasing your strength, and making your rivals bend the knee!

Engage in tactical, thoughtful strategy to conquer enemy territory. Force your foes to fight for your banner and aide you in claiming your rightful place on the throne.

  • TACTICAL TURN-BASED STRATEGY: Simple rules designed to be easy to learn but challenging to master.
  • NO DICE ROLLS: As a skill-based game, you can improve your strategy over time without risking it to chance.
  • UNIQUE FEALTY SYSTEM: Make vassals of other players and employ their aide in your quest for the crown.
  • ASYNCHRONOUS TURNS: For longer, more drawn out games, take your turns on your terms.
  • SIMULTANEOUS TURNS: Enjoy fast-paced turns by taking them at the same time as your opponents, then watch the results play out in front of your eyes.
  • DEVELOP YOUR LANDS: Expand your control by building farms and villages.
  • RAISE YOUR ARMIES: Use intuitive controls that help you get your armies to the front lines to impose your will.
  • MULTIPLE GAME MODES: Compete with up to 5 other AI or Human players in 3 modes of play:
    • Single Player
    • Local Hot-Seat Multiplayer 
    • Online Asynchronous Multiplayer
  • PLAY TO EARN: Enjoy the spoils of war IRL by earning MANA, our tradable and fully transferrable crypto-currency! Currently test-net only!
  • BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS: Treat your eyes to majestic, vibrant, low-poly, board-game inspired art.
  • IMMERSIVE SOUND: Delight in the alluring musical soundtrack.


SPECIAL ACCESS ONLY: Land Owners (those who purchased map tiles during our NFT crowdfunding campaign or via secondary markets) can create custom maps using their inventory of tiles which may be included in the multiplayer Atlas.

Custom maps earn additional MANA for their creator each time the map is played!


Currently, this game is in Alpha testing.  The price will not always be "pay what you want".  Once the game is stable, we will charge for the base game download.

Note: As part of the current early access phase, the Cartographer is open to all invited players regardless of Land Owner status for testing purposes.  You can free test tiles in your inventory on http://the7thseal.app.


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Version 0.19.0
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Version 0.19.0
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Version 0.19.0